Saturday, April 6, 2013

The middle of March we were back in the islands with missionary and member interviews and  leadership training. Pictured below are the four missionaries on Mauritius, Elders Millar, Lambson, Cusick, and LeBlanc. It is very difficult for us to get visas for our missionaries there. We are expecting our first senior missionary couple to arrive in May which will use our quota of six visas. We will have to wait until two missionaries leave the island at the end of this month for us to be able to apply for the visas for their replacements, a process that will take usually at least three months. So we will have fairly long periods of time when we will only have two younger missionaries serving there.

With a few exceptions our work here in Madagascar is pretty much seven days a week. I am often making phone calls very late into the evening. We occasionally have done some walking near the mission home and do some marketing together. When we go to the islands we try and take a "preparation day", usually hiking or walking by the beach. As you have seen in previous blogs the sights are often spectacular. We will try to include more of the regular things so it doesn't look as if we are always on vacation. In Reunion we welcomed two new missionaries and said good bye to two.

During our interviews Anna found a new friend, an orange-tiger-stripped lizard. On one of our days there we had a great zone activity climbing one of the mountains overlooking St Denis.

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