Sunday, July 15, 2012

We just returned from a trip to the northeast coast of the country to the city of Tomatave for missionary interviews, meetings and several member meetings. On the way we stopped for the night at Andasibe.
There we stayed at a very nice hotel with our own bungalow in the rain forest. It was like driving into Jurassic Park. The hotel has its own large private reserve of lemurs which we were able to visit. They are amazing, gentle and friendly animals. We went with a guide at feeding time early in the morning. They literally came running and jumped on us to get bananas. We also saw a few fosse in an inclosed area. Included are a  couple of pictures from the road trip to the coast, crossing from the high hilly center of the country descending the mountains to the tropical east coast.

We met with the members in Tomatave and went teaching with the missionaries in some very humble homes. The people continue to amaze us with  their warm and loving spirits. We flew back this afternoon. After one day back at the mission home and office we pack up and fly to La Reunion Island for a week.


  1. so good to see you are getting out and meeting the saints - love the lemurs!

  2. I hope you both come home with 2 ears and 10 fingers...

  3. WOW amazing... such beautiful pictures!! Love showing these to the kids! Thanks for the updates, we really look forward to seeing and reading them! love you!