Sunday, July 29, 2012

 I just returned from meeting with a branch in a village almost 4hours south of here. The branch is spread over a fairly large valley with several dependent groups in outlying areas. The missionaries bike 16 miles oneway to get to the area in hilly terrain ( like biking to Auberry every day) They have to start back 1.5 hours before dark because there is almost no electricity in the area. When they get back to the larger city, where their apartment is, they start working in another area. They are now biking 150 miles a week. They teach lessons wherever they go. 

At the branch meeting I met a family who walks 20 km one way faithfully to church every Sunday. I was overwhelmed when I learned that, and then I met a man who walks home from where he works 80 km (50 miles) each Saturday so that he can attend church on Sunday and then walks back on Monday. As I was sitting at the front of the congregation I was getting pretty choked-up thinking about that kind of devotion.


  1. Just read your blog for the first time! What amazing experiences you are having. This will forever change your lives. The sacrifices that the saints make to attend church are amazing. We pray for your safety. We are watching the Olympics and remember how much you enjoy watching them. Love you, Dick and Tiffany

  2. WOW! I am amazed at the things that you are seeing and the sacrifices that the members make just to attend church. It makes me feel bad for the times that I have not gone to church for one silly reason or another. How blessed we really are to have church buildings so close and to have the conveniences of so many things that make our lives so much "easier", yet at the same time make us so much lazier. You hear of these stories all the time, but knowing someone who is actually part of this now makes it so much more real to me. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and I look forward to read your blog over the next three years with Brad and the kids. Love you both.
    Love Brad and Carroll Berrett

  3. Dave and Anna,
    Reading about these marvelous experiences you're having and seeing how different they are from ours, makes us feel like we're on two missions. It's so fun and interesting to share. Anna, what do you think of all this? How is the language coming? We pray for you daily and are so proud of all you're doing!

    Lowell and Marsha