Sunday, August 5, 2012

This weekend we flew to Fort Dauphin at the very southern tip of Madagascar. It is a very picturesque beach town a long ways from anything else. We visited a branch with 187 attending today. They have lots of children and youth. The missionaries have only been working in this city for two years and the branch is ready to divide. They even have 12 attending 5:30 am daily seminary. There are several preparing to go on missions, one sister leaving for the Ivory Coast Mission in Africa in just a few weeks. In order for someone from this area to go on a mission (or go to the temple in South Africa) 
they have to first ride a crowded taxi-bus two full days to Antananarivo to personally appear to apply for a passport and then they return home. When they get their passport they must then return to personally apply for a visa before they can complete their application for the mission. It would be hard  to describe how difficult and uncomfortable that journey is, yet they are willing to do it to serve the  Lord. There are several strong, well educated, long-time church members who have moved there from Antananarivo who give great leadership to the branch. Included are some photos of Fort Dauphin including a baptism in the Indian Ocean which occurred a while ago. Also included a picture of the branch fireside last night to welcome us. 

Here is a photo of a baptism of 35 in Antsirabe (three hours south of here).

Here are some photos in and around Antananarivo including drying clothes along a stream, a local hand cart delivering furniture, and a shot of one of our new, very prominent (four stories)
stake centers in the city. 

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  1. We enjoy your blog messages. Amazing pictures and places. We're mostly settled into our new home and enjoying it greatly. Blessings to you in your work. Steve and Marlene