Sunday, August 26, 2012

We received nine new elders here in Madagascar this week from the Provo MTC. In the past couple of weeks we also received two elders and one sister assigned to Reunion Island. Three missionaries have completed their missions and have gone home. These are really exceptional missionaries. Included is a photo of the arrival of the group here at the Antananarivo airport. We had training for the new missionaries and for those who will train them. We had dinner for 20 Wednesday evening and then lunch for 30 the next day (shown here) in our home. That is a lot of food preparation. The transfers associated with these new additions and the training and other assignments have, thus far , been one of the most challenging parts of this calling. A significant portion of the mission was affected by these changes. The logistics of moving many missionaries all over this country are daunting. They were handled almost flawlessly by my missionary assistants. Including is a photo of the Tanjombato Ward building at the south end of Tana which is a converted mansion inside a walled compound with a formal garden and beautiful views of the surrounding valley and hills. This is a very rare property here.
Today we attended church at the Manakambahiny Stake Center which is on the main road in the center of the city. It is a very impressive building both inside and outside. We attended with Elder Jackson Mkhabela, our Area Seventy from Johannesburg. I have included some photos taken of and from the church. Also there are some random photos of young members.


  1. Dave and Anna,
    I met a beautiful young sister missionary in a sealing session last week. She is from Antananarivo and is headed for the Temple Square Mission. I told her my good friends were the new mission president and she was excited to meet you in 18 months. Our love to you both.

  2. Fabulous pictures and experiences. Thanks for sharing...Richard and Wendy

  3. I wish I was there! What a great spiritual experience you to are having. Many of the places remind me of Puerto Rico. The people you had introduced to us, are amazing. I will miss seeing you next month in Ca. Love your pictures and comments. You are blessed. Love always, Milly.